An illustration of a dental implant-supported bridge

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth result in noticeable gaps in your smile. They can also decrease your ability to bite, chew, and speak properly.

A customized dental bridge can bring your smile back to life, improving your appearance, oral health, and quality of life.

Learn how award-winning dentist Dr. James Slaman of Albuquerque, NM, can use natural-looking dental bridges to give you a first-class smile.

An illustration of a dental implant-supported bridge

Why Choose Albuquerque's Top Dentist? He Can Restore Your Smile Today

Albuquerque native Dr. James Slaman is regarded as the best cosmetic dentist by his fellow dental professionals. He's won many local "Top Dentist" awards and volunteers his dentistry skills throughout New Mexico. Dr. Slaman is a dentistry perfectionist who isn't satisfied until his patients' dental bridges look, feel, and function just like healthy, natural teeth.

In addition, Dr. Slaman is skilled in the use of state-of-the-art technology, which enables him to diagnose issues more accurately; plan treatment more effectively; and improve comfort, recovery, and outcomes.

Dr. Slaman
Dr. James Slaman

"Safely Re-Opened in the New Norm"


Rudi Backart


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1 crown. 1 implant. Safely re-opened in the new norm. Dr. Slaman and staff are the best in Albuquerque when it comes to dental care and their patients comfort. I could not recommend more highly.

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Dr. Slaman and his staff are second to none. Dr. Slaman has improved my smile and put me on a plan that improved my overall oral health and will have me keep my own teeth for decades to come. 

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Traditional Bridges The Treatment Process

Traditional dental bridges are attached directly to your natural teeth. A realistic dental crown is placed on either end of the bridge with a full replacement tooth in the middle. The replacement tooth or span of teeth is known as a pontic tooth.

Reshaping the Teeth

The teeth on either side of the gap, also known as abutment teeth, will be expertly reshaped. For minimal discomfort treatment, Dr. Slaman uses advanced technology such as air abrasion instruments to prep your teeth and remove as little tooth structure as possible. These tools can remove very precise amounts of tissue, and they do not involve unpleasant noises or vibrations.


Precise impressions will be made and sent to our high-quality partner lab to create your bridge.

Temporary Crowns

You'll be fitted with temporary crowns created in-office to fill the empty space until your permanent bridge is ready.

Bridge Fabrication

A skilled dental ceramist will create your bridge, making sure that it matches the color and shape of your teeth. This process takes about two weeks.

Placing the Custom Bridge

Dr. Slaman will remove your temporary crowns and make any needed adjustments to your abutment teeth, the new crowns, and the replacement tooth. Then, your dental bridge will be secured in place with long-lasting dental cement. The pontic tooth and new dental crowns should blend naturally with your existing teeth.

How The Traditional Dental Bridge Procedure Works

Implant-Supported The Treatment Process

If you're missing up to three teeth in a row, an implant-supported bridge may be recommended. This bridge involves dental implant surgery. The implant procedure takes several months, including healing periods. Bridges that are implant-supported are considered stronger and longer-lasting than traditional ones.

1st Appointment

  • Our GALILEOS ComfortPLUS cone beam scanner will create a detailed 3D image of your jaw.
  • If Dr. Slaman finds bone shrinkage or signs of disease, you may need a bone graft in order to receive implants.

2nd Appointment

  • Dr. Slaman will perform your dental implant surgery in our comfortable Albuquerque, NM, office, permanently anchoring ultra-strong titanium rods directly into your jawbone.
  • Impressions for your bridge will be made and sent to our lab.
  • Over the next few months, your jaw will heal around the titanium implants, securing them in place. 

3rd Appointment

  • Dr. Slaman will attach your natural-looking bridge to your implants.
  • Now get out there and show off your newly restored smile!

Insurance Coverage and Financing

Most insurance plans do cover dental bridges, but not the cost of dental implants. Dr. Slaman's warm, knowledgeable staff can do the legwork for you and find out your exact coverage.

We also offer affordable financing through CareCredit®, as well as convenient in-office payment plans for qualifying patients without insurance or to help with any out-of-pocket expenses. Dr. Slaman believes financial constraints should never get in the way of having a first-class smile.

Dr. James Slaman DDS

James Slaman, DDS, PC

Dr. James Slaman specializes in cosmetic dentistry and offers a full selection of general and restorative treatments. Dr. Slaman is a member of various professional associations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Spear Faculty Club​

To request an appointment at our Albuquerque, NM, dental office, contact us online or call (505) 881-7586.

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