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Missing teeth? Modern dentures are more attractive and comfortable than ever.  

Award-winning dentist Dr. James Slaman of Albuquerque, NM, uses the latest technology to create secure, beautiful dentures

Choose between traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures...

Today's Choices in Dentures

Dr. Slaman is one of the most experienced and educated dentists in Albuquerque, NM,  and offers a variety of options to overcome the problems of missing teeth. 

Traditional Full Dentures

Traditional full dentures are a fast and affordable solution for missing teeth. These are removable dentures that simply rest on your gums, held in place by suction and adhesives. The gum-colored base and natural-looking artificial teeth allow you to smile with confidence. While traditional dentures are low-tech, there's nothing old-fashioned about the way Dr. Slaman uses digital x-rays and advanced cone-beam CT scans to create a 3-D image of your mouth. This precision mapping is the secret to creating dentures with a snug, comfortable fit. 

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Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the closest option to restoring your natural teeth. Like other dentures, they feature artificial teeth and gums, however, the denture itself is securely held in place by dental implants, small titanium posts that are surgically placed in your jaw. These dentures will never embarrass you by sliding around in your mouth and you can enjoy the foods you've been missing. Dental implants also have an important health benefit. Implants act as an artificial tooth root and stimulate the bone in your jaw to keep it from deteriorating and causing future dental problems.

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Partial Dentures

Are you missing a tooth here or there, or perhaps a row of teeth? Dr. Slaman can design a partial denture that fills the gaps in your smile. Like traditional dentures, partial dentures designed with gums that are color-matched to your gums and natural-looking artificial teeth. Partial dentures are typically held in place with clips that attach to neighboring teeth. A more secure option is to replace missing teeth with implant-supported restorations. Whichever solution you choose, Dr. Slaman uses high-quality dental materials for each tooth to ensure they blend discreetly into your smile. 

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Not Sure Which Denture Is Right for You? Call for a Consultation

With so many choices for tooth replacement, selecting the right option can be overwhelming. Dr. Slaman is an advocate for patient education and prides himself on promoting an open dialogue with patients. After examining your mouth, he will carefully explain your choices and the benefits of each for your future oral health.

Dr. Slaman, a three-time recipient of Albuquerque The Magazine's "Top Cosmetic Dentist" award, is highly respected in Albuquerque for his restoration work. Dr. Slaman is also a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has been a trusted dental care provider since 1992. He continues to bring the latest in dental techniques to Albuquerque dental patients by pursuing continuing education and shares his knowledge as a mentor at Spear Education in Scottsdale, which has helped train practitioners throughout the world. 

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Dr. Slaman

"Compassionate and Sincerely Caring" 5-Star Reviews


Silvia Eastman


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Oh My Goodness ! You need to know that Dr. Slaman and his dental team are the best in the city . They are compassionate, and sincerely caring. My husband and I are so blessed to have found them. I do not know how they are so perfect in their craft but they truly are. I Love the entire team, especially my hygienist, Lori. Thank you everyone.

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Liz Lorenz


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Dr. Slaman's Office is helpful, efficient, friendly, and health conscious. It is a pleasant office to interact with. Everyone greets you by name, they make every effort to solve problems that may pop up, and you feel safe with all the safety steps they have implemented.

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A Life-Changing Choice ... Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures can be life-changing. Unlike traditional dentures that you remove every day to clean and for sleeping, implant-supported dentures stay in your mouth, morning, noon, and night; just like real teeth. They won't slip when you talk and you can go back to eating the foods you love. They are easy to care for as well. You simply brush and floss as you did with your natural teeth. If you are tired of struggling with loose-fitting dentures and want to know more about the comfort and confidence that comes with dental implants, Dr. Slaman shares some insight in this video.
Dr. James Slaman discusses the benefits of implant-supported dentures. Patients who have struggled with loose-fitting dentures can experience a new level of comfort and confidence with dental implants. Dr. Slaman can place two implants to secure a loose denture, or four implants to support a fixed dental restoration.

Do You Lack the Bone Density Needed for Implants? All-on-4® Dentures Allow More People to Qualify

People who have been missing teeth for a long time often lack the bone density needed to support dental implants. Some of them may now qualify with the All-on-4® method to secure dentures. This technique uses just four strategically placed dental implants to support a full arch denture. 

There are even more benefits. The All-on-4® method typically costs less and there is a shorter recovery time. In many cases, a denture can be placed immediately. 

Implant-supported denture

"Dr. Slaman Is Great"


John Geruntho


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Dr. Slaman is great, probably the best dentist in Albuquerque. His staff is also the best. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a dentist. Thank you Dr. Slaman for the excellent care you have provided for me and my family over the years.

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Amy Kennedy


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This is a very fine practice. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and are taking all precautions to provide a sanitary environment. Dr. Slaman and his entire staff are most professional, gentle and accommodating. My oral health has greatly improved for having become a patient of theirs.

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Your Comfort Is Our Priority

When it comes time for new dentures, your comfort is our priority. For Dr. Slaman, being "average" just isn't good enough. 

Luxury Amenities

We aim to put you at ease from the moment you step into our Albuquerque practice. The reception area is styled like a living room and we offer hot tea, coffee, and refreshing filtered water to sip while you unwind. In the treatment rooms, you can settle in under a warm, comfortable blanket and don a pair of noise-canceling headphones. 

Comfortable Anesthesia

Even people who aren't particularly anxious about visiting the dentist may often still cringe because of the large needles used to administer local anesthesia. To avoid even this, Dr. Slaman uses The Wand® anesthetic system that delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthesia that is virtually pain-free

Stress-Free Sedation

Dr. Slaman is known for being a gentle and extremely skilled dentist. However, if you are nervous, Dr. Slaman offers oral conscious sedation so that you can sit back and relax in the dental chair. Some patients are so calm that they fall asleep or simply don't remember much about the procedure afterward. 

Dr. James Slaman DDS

James Slaman, DDS, PC

Dr. James Slaman specializes in cosmetic dentistry and offers a full selection of general and restorative treatments. Dr. Slaman is a member of various professional associations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Spear Faculty Club​

To request an appointment at our Albuquerque, NM, dental office, contact us online or call (505) 881-7586.

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